Why Does Reading Matter?

By John Teng

Reading is a hobby for some and a chore for others. Some do it because they enjoy it, while others do it because they have to. However, as you get older it is important to not give up reading. Even if it is not entirely enjoyable, you should strive to try and read as much as possible. Reading can stimulate you mind, gives you new knowledge, transports you to other worlds, and gives you something to do on those days that are just boring. So, why exactly does reading matter for your life?
Here are a 7 reasons that you may want to consider making your reading list just a tad bit longer.

1. It Expands Your Horizons
With so many different genres to choose from, you can expand your horizons significantly just by picking up a new genre of book every week. Crime dramas, mysteries, autobiographies, and science fiction are all completely different from each other, and the stories that you can read in these genres are basically unlimited. By expanding your reading, you can view a whole new world.

2. Turns You into a Critical Thinker
Reading requires you to read and then think about what is being presented to you. This is especially true of mystery novels that require you to think and reflect on clues to hopefully figure out the mystery. Other genres also require you to think about what you are reading and pick it apart to really get at the details and the meaning of the writing.
3. It Fills Your Mind
Books, magazines, articles, blogs, and many other sources of reading allow you to extend you knowledge base and learn about many different areas of study. From reading you can visit countries you have never been, explore the inside of plants and their biological functions, and even solve crimes alongside of professional FBI agents. There is unlimited information available through reading, and by aiming to read every day or every week you can greatly expand your personal knowledge.

4. It Is Interactive
Reading is not just about sitting on your couch and reading words on a page. It is about using your mind to piece together facts and clues to comprehend what you are reading. By comprehending what you are reading, you can let your imagination take over and transport you into worlds that only exist in the imagination! Reading requires you to be an active participant while using your imagination, thus making it interactive and stimulating for your brain!

5. It Reduces Stress
Reading is a leisurely activity that engages your mind completely. Many people cannot focus on anything but the book that they are reading once they get into it. This is why the activity is so beneficial as a stress relief. Reading allows you to forget about a lot of the stressors in your life, at least for a little while. That is why many people say they are extremely relaxed after reading a good book and can get on with their day without feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders.

6. Increases Your Vocabulary
Although this is mostly true of younger children, even those who are middle aged or older can increase their vocabulary with frequent reading. Why? When you read and find a word you do not know, you cannot simply skip over it. Your mind will unconsciously take context clues from the text to give you the meaning of the word. That is why those who read a lot will often have a rich vocabulary.

7.Improves Your Writing Skills
Reading and writing go hand in hand, and researchers have been able to prove that the more you read, the better your writing skills. Not only can those who read frequently write more professionally than those who do not, but they also have better spelling and grammar.

Even if you do not like reading, you have to admit that the benefits of it are fantastic! If you anticipate living a long, healthy, and happy life then reading will be your best friend. It is a great leisurely activity that helps to stimulate your mind and to absorb knowledge that you would not have had before. Reading at night or in the morning is most popular and can even help with the stress relief affects. If you already enjoying reading, then congratulations…read on, and improve the quality of your life!

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