’45 Years’ on Blu-ray and DVD

Keeping secrets from your spouse is not a good idea. And keeping a secret from your spouse for 45 years is definitely not recommended. Secrets have ways of coming out. Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay star in “45 Years,” the story of Kate and Geoff who are about to celebrate their 45th anniversary.

Four and a half decades is a long time. In those years Kate thought she knew everything about her husband. But there is one thing he has been keeping to himself. It is about Geoff’s old girlfriend, a woman who died before he met Kate but who is still very much a part of his life and his feelings. After all these years Kate discovers how important this woman was in her husband’s life, and how her memory has effected many of the decisions he has made during their marriage.

This all takes place in the week leading up to their big anniversary party. It shakes Kate to her core. The stability of their relationship, which she thought was steady and true, is rocked and she finds it difficult to get through the days. Has Geoff been living a lie all these years? Does he really love her the way he says he does or did he love his former girlfriend more? How could she not have known about this other woman and how much her husband loved her?

The ghost of Geoff’s former lover turns out to be just as destabilizing as having the woman in flesh and blood. Actually, the ghost is even more shattering for Kate. How can she reconcile the past 45 years with the knowledge that Geoff has always been keeping alive many of his feelings for his old love?

The movie will touch viewers as the marriage of his middle-aged couple is shaken. Memories are hard to let go of, and Geoff has never let go of the memories and feelings. This new knowledge - after four and a half decades together – is extremely disturbing to Kate.

The final moment of the film is disquieting as Kate realizes her life will never be the same. Rampling was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in this movie. There is no doubt about her acting ability. Her performance of Kate is touching and sensitive.

“45 Years” is a drama in every sense of the word. It tells the story of how a secret revealed can disrupt and disturb a formerly content and happy marriage.

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