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The Value of a Competent Mental Health Expert

Including an excerpt from John Teng’s upcoming Book The Hero’s Journey by John J. Teng, P.E. Since 1949, an organization by the name of Mental Health America set the precedent to dedicate the month of May as a time to help encourage the public to be aware of and care about mental health and wellness. ...

The Virtues of Selfish Service

Your Feelings of Selfishness Can Actually Help People in Need! By John J. Teng P.E. One day I was sitting in a church meeting where the church official was trying to motivate the attendees to improve their willingness to render acts of service to their fellow church members and also to members of our communities.  ...

Frederick Davis

My parents divorced when I was 8 years old. My mother picked me up from second grade during the last week of school and told me that we were going on a trip. She had a suitcase packed for each of us and she had a taxi waiting for us outside. I asked my mom ...

Louis Zamperini

Several years ago I had the honor to meet Mr. louis Zamperini in person and shake his hand. I worked in his hometown and Mr. Zamperini was a hometown hero. The local airport was even named after him, Zamperini Field, otherwise known as Torrance Airport. Years before a movie was made about him, I had ...

Rudy Reyes

Have you ever wondered why two different people, growing up in the same set of life circumstances: environments, educations, family situations, etc. can end up living drastically different quality of lives as adults? I read an amazing book entitled Hero Living written by a man named Rudy Reyes. A portion of the book describes his ...

Vince Lombardi

One of the books that I hold dear in my own personal library at home is entitled Real Men and was written by R. Cort Kirkwood. In his book, Mr. Kirkwood recounts the masculine virtues of 10 famous men in American history. One of those men is Vince Lombardi. Vince was a devoted Christian who ...

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