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Dear Reader,

My name is John Joseph Teng and I am the Founder of As a married-with-children middle aged man myself, I have made it my personal mission and passion to help dispel an unspoken perception within our society that entering ones middle age years somehow mysteriously marks the “beginning of the end” of so many of the positive aspects of life.

Nothing could be further from the truth!!!

It is my strong opinion that society focuses an unfair amount of attention on the negative aspects of the middle age experience, while the reality is that these amazing years can and should be providing middle age men and women with the very best experiences and joy that they could ever hope to enjoy during their lifetimes!
To that end, I have dedicated every video, article, conversation, and product review in towards helping middle age men and women improve their lives in the following two ways:

1) Controlling Their Power.
2) Balancing Their Lives.

Thank you for considering as a straightforward and honest resource for all things pertaining to the best years of your life!



John J. Teng, P.E.
Midlife Magazine LLC
Founder and Editor & Chief


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