Find Your Peaceful Place!

By Kevin Overton In a world where everything is moving faster and faster, it can be difficult to find peace and quiet in the midst of the storm; a storm of texts, tweets, and email engulf our time and send us on a never-ending hunt for that which doesn’t satisfy. Technology constantly beckons us and ...

A 5-Star Mountain Lake Resort in Taiwan

By John J. Teng, P.E.

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan’s largest lake, Sun Moon Lake is located in the mountains of Nantou at the geographic center of Taiwan island.[1] Sun Moon Lake actually surrounds a tiny island that is called Lalu. The east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon, hence the name. In addition, the lake and its surrounding countryside ...

10 Reasons Why “Middle Age” is the Best Phase of Life.

By John Joseph Teng 1. Middle aged people are most likely to be married, or at least involved in a serious, mature relationship, which means that they have access to a confidant with whom they can experience the joys, and navigate the storms, of life together. Loneliness really sucks! 2. Statistics have shown that married ...

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