9 Activities Linked To Living a Long Life

By John Teng

Everyone wants to live a long life right? You want to boost your chances of not only seeing your grandchildren but your great-grandchildren. You want to see how the world advances and what technological feats the human race achieve. Believe it or not, living a long life it not just wishful thinking anymore, it is actually possible. There are many people who live to be 100 or even older throughout the world and the number of these centenarians grows ever year. So, how can you join the ranks? How can you live to be 100 or more and still be happy, healthy, and enjoying life? Here are 9 activities that promote mental and physical health and well-being that have been linked to living longer and helping centenarians throughout the world.

  1. Having Knowledge of Health

One thing people are famous for is ignoring the warning signs of their body. Many people would rather take their chances than go to the doctor and have the chance of being told bad news. Others simply do not want to change their lifestyle. This is not helpful to wanting to live a long life, in fact it is exactly the opposite. Not having a good grasp on your health and altering your lifestyle to help yourself is how people die young or end up in pain as they get older. Know your body and take the warnings signs seriously. The quicker you know something is wrong, the easier it is to fix it and move on. This is true of many things in life, but especially for the body, which can degrade rapidly if not taken care of properly.

  1. Becoming Spiritual

When you hear the word spiritual you probably get a lump in your throat and the urge to throw yourself out the nearest window. Maybe you already believe in a higher power or maybe you are a strong willed atheist, or maybe you simply do not care either way. What people fail to realize is that spiritual and religious are not the same thing; it is religion that many are scared of, not the spiritual experience. Yes, you can be religious and spiritual at the same time, but you can be spiritual without necessarily believing in a higher power, like God. Believing in anything more than just yourself is a key to being spiritual. Many people hold reverence for life or believe in the powers of nature. These beliefs have been linked to clarity of mind and longer lives.

  1. Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Of course, taking care of your body is going to be one way that you live longer. The better the foods you eat, the more likely your body is getting the nutrients it needs without all the chemicals is does not. Those who eat double the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables live longest, according to several health studies.

  1. Having A Positive Outlook on Life

It is true that pessimistic people do not live as long as those who are optimistic about life. Those who maintain positive thoughts even in dark times are more likely to look ahead and not be focusing on what makes them upset. They are more likely to want to live longer and get to that next great part of life. Joy, laughter, and happiness are all part of living a positive life.

  1. Be A Social Butterfly

It is no secret that most women live longer than men, but why is that? Researchers suggest that women are more emotionally invested in the thoughts and emotions of their friends. They often are a part of large groups that share anything and everything with each other, but men are every different. Men often have a very close knit group of friends as they get older, and men are not nearly as emotionally invested in each other as women are. Having close friendships can actually give you a reason to live, helping you to extend your life.

  1. Connect With Nature

Nature is all around you and can be a great source of happiness and respect for life. By helping to keep the planet healthy, you can also help keep yourself healthy! Work to protect mother earth, reduce your carbon footprint, and keep fresh water lakes and streams available. What you do right now will have an effect on your life as well as the lives of your posterity.

  1. Find A Creative Hobby

Creativity is a big part of having a purpose in life and keeping your brain stimulated. Sports, music, writing, and art are all some of the creative hobbies that you can do at any age to help promote your mental health and stability. Having a hobby you enjoy also keeps you from getting bored and falling into a monotonous routine. Keep your brain alive and your creative juices flowing! There is so much you can do, even when you reach old age.

  1. Be Active

You can’t just eat right and stimulate your brain, you need to keep your body healthy. Stay physically active and challenge yourself in new ways as you get older. Take care of your machine and your machine will take care of you!

  1. Spend Time With Those Who Are Young

A big part of living a long life is not getting behind in the times. Spend time with those who are young, but not simply to patronize them or give them wisdom. You can learn things form them, too! Connect with them through similar interests and learn from them about new technologies and things that are popular. Not only will you end up being the “cool grandparent,” but you will also keep yourself feeling young.

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