Are you Ready to tie the knot? Take the Marriage Myth Quiz!

By Dr. Brent A. Barlow

When you get married there are many myths you hear and read about. You may think that you would know if something was true about marriage or not; especially if you have been married for a few years. Can you identify 5 common marriage myths? Take this short quiz to find out!

1. Pick The Myth
A. Fighting is Not Necessarily A Sign of An Unhealthy Marriage
B. Spending Too Much Time Together Can Cause Friction
C. If You Don’t Like A Characteristic In your Spouse, It Will More Than Likely Change Throughout The Marriage
Correct Answer: C
Putting a ring on your significant others finger is not going to get rid of their bad habits, characteristics, or poor attitudes. In fact, if you do not like something about them now, chances are that dislike will multiply after you are married. Although you may not be able to change it; talking about these things with your spouse can increase communication and problem solving skills in the marriage.

2. Pick The Myth
A. Just Because You Love Each Other Does Not Mean You Understand Each Other
B. Bad Attitudes About Sex Can Decrease Intimacy
C. Living Together Will Be Easy After You Are Married
Correct Answer: C
Just because you are now married does not mean living together will be any easier. Just like many other things in a marriage, living together is a transition and adjustment for many couples. Think about it. You both have gone from having everything to yourself, being able to stay up as late as you want, doing whatever you want, and not having to share. You are now not only ditching your single life, but you are also having to bring together two lives; everything is not going to mesh perfectly right away.

3. Pick The Myth
A. You Are Married; You Are Not Going To Argue Now
B. Just Because You Are Not Fulfilled Does Not Meant It Is Your Marriage’s Fault
C. You Don’t Have To Do Everything Together To Be Happy
Correct Answer: A
Thinking that disagreements will stop marriage is a wrong way of thinking. In fact, being married can actually cause more arguments than if you were not. Why? You and your spouse now live together, own the same things, eat the same meals, and share things that neither of you have had to share before. For some people, especially in the beginning, this can lead to small arguments. You should not let the disagreements overshadow your love and dedication for each other, but at the same time do not think that your life will always be rosy and perfect after marriage.

4. Pick The Myth
A. You Are Not Always Going To Have the Same Level of Physical Intimacy You Have Now
B. Both Parties Will Have The Same Expectations Before Getting Married
C. Having a Healthy Sexual Relationship Involves Work; It Doesn’t Just Happen
Correct Answer: B
Most people do not have the same expectations for marriage. No matter how many questions you ask or how often you go over the big things; there will always be small expectations that neither of you mentioned. This can cause some tension. However, knowing that there will be bumps in the road can help you prepare for them. Do no shut down, but instead communicate and work through your misunderstandings.

5. Pick The Myth
A. Your Marriage Will Be Completely Different Than The Bad Ones You Have Seen
B. You Are Not Always Going To Meet Each Other’s Deeper Needs
C. Deep Love Connections Are Formed Through The Good Times, But Also Through Working Together Through Life’s Challenges.
Correct Answer: A
Of course going in, you are going to believe that your marriage in going to be perfect. Do not delude yourself. Instead, accept that you are going to do everything in your power to protect your marriage from life’s inevitable challenges.

Your Results
0-1 Wrong: You’re an Expert!
You know your marriage myths! You understand that marriage is a deep love connection that is forged through communication, trust, and closeness. You know that marriage is going to take hard work and that it is not going to be perfect; no matter what others say.

2-3: Do Some Research
You need to learn a little bit more about marriage myths and expectations. You more than likely believe that marriage can be perfect if it is the “right person” even if you yourself are not putting in the hard work to be the “right person” for someone else! This attitude may lead to issues in the future.

4-5: You Need To Re-evaluate
You may have some unrealistic expectations for what a marriage really is and you should do some research and soul searching as you prepare to make that final commitment.

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