Dyson AM10 Humidifier

By Francine Brokaw

When we were young our mothers set up a “steamer” in our rooms when we had a cold. Do you remember those devices? They heated water then spewed out steam – sometimes sprays of water – to help ease our breathing. Looking back I can imagine what bacteria they must have also emitted into the air. Those machines had to be sterilized every time they were used. Then came the “cool” steam machines that used cool - not hot - steam. They too spewed out steam, water, and bacteria. We didn’t know any better. We were told these machines helped us when we were sick.

Today, Dyson has a humidifier that is completely different. The Dyson AM10 Humidifier is not specifically for people who are sick. The humidifier is meant to keep the air in your home from the dryness in the winter, when the heater is on, as well as the summer when the air conditioner is on. Dry air can cause sore throats and noses, dry eyes, and even dry skin. Adding humidity into your home environment lessens these problems and yes, it does also help breathing when someone is sick.

This machine uses Dyson’s patented “Air Multiplier” technology that they made popular in their fans and heaters. This is a quiet unit that comes with a remote control and the capability to run for 18 continuous hours. Plus, with the temperature control, the machine is also an air cooler in the summertime.

In the winter the air inside homes is dry. With the windows shut and the heaters turned up, as well as fireplaces running, the humidity drops rapidly. Think about that. With dry air, nasal passages often feel sore and throats feel dry and scratchy. Water is the source of life and essential for our survival. It’s also essential in our air.

The Dyson Humidifier uses Ultraviolet Cleanse technology to clean the water and eliminate over 99.9% of bacteria from the water before it ejects it into the atmosphere. This in itself is an important element in this unit. It’s a big improvement from the “steamers” of the past. It’s more efficient as well as healthier.

Another benefit to the Dyson is that it measures the temperature and humidity in a room and adjusts itself to keep the optimum of each. Putting it in the family room in the winter when there’s a fire in the fireplace is a great location for this device. And sleeping with humid air will keep your nasal passages moist and lead to a better night’s sleep. And let’s not forget the added benefit to our skin.

Times have changed. Instead of using a humidifier only when we are sick, they are now an everyday product that benefits the entire body. Sure, they are great when someone is suffering from sinusitis, a cold, or the flu, but they also moisturize your skin and keep your nasal passages moist and your eyes from getting dry and scratchy. And because this unit kills 99.9% of the bacteria coming from the humidifier, the Dyson AM10 is definitely healthier than anything we used in the past. And the fact that it also cools the air in the summer is just frosting on the cake!

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