Find Your Peaceful Place!

By Kevin Overton

In a world where everything is moving faster and faster, it can be difficult to find peace and quiet in the midst of the storm; a storm of texts, tweets, and email engulf our time and send us on a never-ending hunt for that which doesn’t satisfy. Technology constantly beckons us and screams for attention.  Calendars and to do lists ask us to plan every minute and leave no moment unaccounted for. As overachievers, we graciously comply. Stress overcomes us as we worry about the insignificant details of our already rich lives. Sometimes we forget to find joy and truly appreciate the steps on our path towards our goals, forgetting that this moment is all we have. There are no guarantees of anything beyond.  Frantically moving in unison, lockstep, we pass one another without paying much attention to others or the outside world. The only thing that matters is our own path and pursuits.  We have become lost in a sea of goals to be achieved and objects to be earned.

Wouldn’t it be nice to step away from the world for just a moment to allow us to reevaluate our lives, to reconnect with others, and to set a course for true happiness? There are several things I have found that do just that.  Here are three ways that I have found to help me regain my energy, reconnect, and shake off the stress of the day.

  1. Find your quiet place

As an introvert, I crave time for myself. It is natural for me to seek solitude and separation after a day of noise and activity. I thrive in my own space - a quiet room is my natural habitat. After the kids are asleep and my wife is getting ready for bed, I enjoy sneaking downstairs to read a book, write, or even just visualize. This is my time to decompress and calm my mind prior to sleep. This allows me to consider my day and to prepare for the next.  The stillness is refreshing and a welcome end to a hectic day. In these moments I am able to have clarity of thought, allowing new ideas to enter my mind. The world seems to slow down and I am able to listen and wait for inspiration.

  1. Venture outside

So many of us spend the majority of our days inside our offices and homes. Sometimes we almost forget the touch of the sun or the rush of the wind. The outdoors and nature both comfort us and help us relax. During my breaks at work, I enjoy circling the block in the corporate complex. I can take a few minutes to stretch my legs and relax my mind.  My wife and I enjoy taking weekend and evening walk on a path by our house. This allows us to talk, discuss family issues, and reconnect after a long day or week. Some of our best ideas surface while our hearts are beating and minds are active. Exercise is but one benefit of this activity. It also allows us as a couple to reconnect and share stories of the week gone by, seeking ways to improve and grow. Often we see friends and neighbors along the path, especially as the days get longer.  It’s a chance for us to catch up and spend some time together.

  1. Meditation

After being encouraged to meditate with a friend, I recently made the attempt. My preferred time to meditate is in the evening, although the benefits are available at any time. Meditation has allowed me to clear my mind and allow the day to wear off. Stress is relieved as I am able to control my breathing and focus on the present moment. This altered state helps me to escape the outer world and appeal to the richness of the inner. It also helps me to stay grounded and in-tune with myself. The peace I find during this time is usually unmatched during the day. 10-15 minutes is generally enough time to have a dramatic effect. There are also apps and YouTube videos available to help you begin.

The world may be at times a demanding and stressful place, but we don’t have to be. Choices allow us to determine our actions and outcomes despite the world around us. These practices will hopefully allow you to stay calm, more relaxed, and confident in your ability to live a purposeful life; a life that allows you greater freedom from your cares, and more power to overcome your struggles. The benefits are immediately available as you practice these habits and find out your own peaceful place!

Kevin Overton




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