Good Risks vs. Bad Risks

Once you reach middle age you may begin to experience stress and anxiety based upon your life. You may wonder where your life is going, if you have really entered the right career path, and even wonder if your spouse is the right one for you? You will probably have the urge to “feel young again,” and take risks to make yourself feel alive. The good news is that you are not alone, many middle age men and women experience these feelings. Just asking questions probably isn’t going to hurt you, but acting on those questions might. Acting on the desire to take certain risks may end up not only hurting themselves but their loved ones as well.

What Are Bad Risky Decisions?

The biggest thing to remember is that taking risks is not inherently bad. There are good risks and bad risks and the trick is being able to distinguish between the two when making a decision. Some examples of bad risky decisions include:

  • Affairs: That young new blonde secretary may seem like fun, but do you really want to throw away your marriage? Do not ditch a perfectly fine relationship for a thrill. Try and work on putting the passion back into your marriage instead; a much more rewarding experience.
  • Gambling: You may think you have all the money in the world once you pull that slot machine lever, but 9 times out of 10 this will only end in tragedy. There are countless cases of men going into casino risking it all for that one in a million chance and losing everything. Do not let that be you.
  • Illegal Drugs: Illicit substances may seem intriguing, but it is only because it is something you are not supposed to do. In reality, drugs like Cocaine, Heroin, and Ecstasy are illegal for very good reasons. The temporary high that they give you is nothing compared to the years of therapy and rehab that you will need to kick the habit. An illegal drug habit could burn through your bank account, could destroy your family, could send you to jail, or could even kill you. It is best to simply say no.
  • Bar Hopping: It may seem like a great idea to relive your younger years by going from bar to bar and stumbling home drunk on the weekends. Not only could this weekend activity lead to you becoming an alcoholic but it can also suck your money and take your attention away from work and family; the two things that you are responsible for in middle age.

What Are Good Risks?

Once you understand what bad risks are, you may think there is not really anything “fun” left to do with your life during middle age. After all, if you can’t do what you shouldn’t, what’s fun about it? The answer is: everything. There are still so many amazing risks that you can take in middle age that are productive and can make you feel free. Here are some good risks:

  • Do Something You’ve Always Wanted To: Is there an activity that you’ve always wanted to do? Have you always wanted to learn to snowboard? Take a mixology class? Enter some kind of contest? When you have time, take a long weekend and go try it. Take a friend or two, but make the weekend about you. This is your time to find yourself again.
  • Change Your Diet: One thing that can impact your mood is your diet. Try to change some things in your diet to be healthier. Not only is this good for you but it gives you a challenge and a goal to work towards.
  • Meet New People: Go out and make some new friends, maybe people you would not normally talk to and you’ll be surprised how much you will learn about yourself and others.
  • Do What You’ve Really Wanted To Do: If you do not feel content with your job anymore it may be time for a job or career change. This is a big risk but it can be good. You just have to do it right. Do not just go into the office one day and quit without a plan. Plan out what you want to do and see if it is even possible. And if it is, and you’ve got the consent and support of your family and loved ones behind you, then go for it!

Taking risks at any point in life is not wrong, but the key is being able to discern which ones are good risks and which are bad, and then to act on the good ones and leave the bad ones behind.

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