How Do You Measure Up As A Husband? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

What kind of husband are you? Not sure? Take this short 5 question quiz to find out how you measure up against 5 traits that make a great husband!

  1. Your wife comes to you with a problem in your marriage. Maybe it is something small like, you didn’t take the trash out. Or maybe, it is something bigger; like she thinks you could be cheating on her. What do you do?
  1. Take a breath and listen. You need to know her side before you respond.
  2. Talk over her to get your point across. You didn’t DO anything! She shouldn’t be jumping down your throat!
  3. Yell. You hate when she does things like this and you need her to know that you are in charge. If she does not trust you then that is her problem.

Correct Answer: A

There are five big traits that make a good husband and listening is one of them. If you do not listen then you cannot respond properly. However, listening to your wife also shows that you care about the problem and are more willing to work it out; no matter how big or small. You are showing that you take her seriously.

  1. You walk in the door and are immediately met with the dreaded question: How was your day?” How do you answer?
  1. You put your bag down, sit down at the table, and talk. Yes, your day has been pretty average but you run your wife through a brief description of what happened. You know she just wants to be included in your life.
  2. Shrug and say something like, “it was ok.” After all, your day was pretty average, you’re tired, you do not want to talk, and you are pretty sure your wife does not really want to hear about your meetings.
  3. Shrug and walk upstairs you are tired, you want some food, and you are pretty sure she will not be hurt by your response.

Correct Answer: A

One thing you should always do in a marriage is to make yourself known. In the first few months of a new relationship you will want to tell your wife anything and everything, but eventually that will fade. Include her in your life and share; your bond will stay strong this way.

  1. Your wife rolls over one night and tells you she scared about being a mother. She doesn’t know what to do and she doesn’t think she’ll be good at it. What do you do?
  1. Turn on the light and talk to her. You know she’ll make a great mom! Also share with her how scared you are about something to make sure she knows she isn’t the only one with fears.
  2. Tell her she’ll make a great mom and not to worry.
  3. Tell her to go back to bed. Who really cares? You two aren’t even trying, yet…

Correct Answer: A

In a marriage you want to be open and vulnerable. Don’t ever worry about something without telling your wife and if she is worried hear her out and share. Vulnerability shows trust, commitment, and deep love.

  1. How often are you and your wife intimate?
  1. A few times a month
  2. Once a month; maybe twice (sometimes)
  3. Once every few months; not that often anymore

Correct Answer: A

The answer “not tonight” isn’t just an annoyance to you, it’s the sign that something is really wrong with your relationship. If you are hearing this phrase several times a months and intimacy has dropped, then your marriage might be struggling. Intimacy is the way that marriages stay connected on a deep level and without it your marriage is more than likely going to suffer. .

  1. Your wife just lost her job, which is vital to supporting your family. What do you do?

A: Offer to take up something else on the side until she can find something. It’s only temporary

B: Get in to a fight about it, but then decide to pick up some extra work after all.

C: Refuse to get another job; you’re already working hard! She’s just going to have to figure out how to cut back.

Correct Answer A:

Marriage isn’t always 50/50; sometimes it’s 30/70 or even 60/40. You need to be willing and step up to the plate to care for your family even if it’s an inconvenience.

So, how did you do?

If you answered mostly A’s then you’re an A+ husband! You know the ins and outs of your relationship and you’re committed to it!

If you answered mostly B’s you need some training. You’re on the right track but you are far from being the perfect husband.

If you answered mostly C’s then now might be a good time to sit down with your spouse and have an open conversation about how the both of you could help improve each other’s commitment to the success of your marriage. Just remember that you, your spouse, and your children are all on the same team, so when one member suffers, so does the rest of the team.

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