How Music Can Help You Live a Long Life

By John Teng

Everyone knows that music is a form of human expression and that there are some people who claim that the art has saved their life. There are many who claim that without the bands they love, the songs they compose, or the friends that they made through the arts; that they would not be the same person that they are today. Did you also know that music has other benefits as well? Did you know that it can help you live the long life that you have been dreaming of? Make sure that music is constant in your life and who knows—maybe you will live to even be 100?

Music Reduces Stress

One of the biggest killers in the world is stress, which can cause multiple physical and mental health problems. Music has been known to be one of the biggest stress relievers that can be used because there are so many different facets. Playing an instrument, writing your own songs, or simply listening to music online can help to reduce your stress levels. Music allows you to release emotions that you otherwise might not be able to. Play happy music in the background while you work on a stressful project. And play soft music while you prepare to eat a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. There are so many ways to incorporate different forms of music into your life for stress relief and you should try and use as many as possible.

Music Expands the Mind

If you want to live a long life then you need to understand the importance of continuing to learn. The more you learn the more of a purpose you have to remain on the earth and continue your quest for knowledge. Stay thirsty for new ideas, technologies, and always look to expand your intellectual horizons. Even when you reach your 80’s and 90’s look around and learn from everything, including those younger than you. A great way to expand your mind is to use music. Every generation has their own style of music that influenced them and themes that were prevalent during important major periods of their lives. Music themes can include love, equal opportunity, peace, or the fight against racism. Many artists have heavy hitting themes in their music when you listen carefully. Music can also expand your artistic horizons. Maybe you are not the biggest fan of rap, but listening to it and researching it will open you up to an entirely new culture. Music is one of the ways that you can keep learning no matter how old we are.

Music Improves Sleep Quality

As stress and anxiety are two of the leading causes of sleeplessness, listening to something calming can actually make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. .

Music Can Boost Your Immune System

One thing that often harms you as you grow older is sickness. Listening to music everyday can help reduce the hormone cortisol which is actually responsible for many serous health conditions.

Music is a big part of many people’s lives, however, many do not know the benefits they are getting by simply putting on their headphones. So improve your chances of living a healthy happy life by listening to a few of your favorite songs every day!

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