Six Pack Fitness (The Innovator 500 bag option)

By John Teng

Whether you are preparing for an athletic completion, or you just want to keep your nutrition on point while you are away from home, then Six Pack Fitness has very innovative and stylish carrying options to help you do so.

I purchased the Innovator 500 bag because I compete in the Men’ physique category of body building and I wanted a way to conveniently consolidate all of my nutrition in one convenient carrier, and this product fit the bill. As an experienced Men’s Physique competitor, I put together a quick review to help you determine if these bags are for you:

Convenience. Everything you could possibly need to take on the road in terms of your nutrition can be found in one of their many different bag dimension options.
Style: All of their bags come in many different colors including pink, as well as the new Expert Renee Tote which caters to the professional women who wants to carry something that looks more like a stylish purse as opposed to a plain bag.
Compartmentalized. The innovator 500 comes with 5 separate shelves that to keep your meals neatly separated and organized inside the bag
Changeable. The shelving in the bag that I own can be pulled out and reformatted to make shorter or taller compartments, depending on the type of custom containers that you choose to use with your bag.
Spacious. I love the side zipper compartments that allow me to pack 48 ounce Nalgene bottles inside the bag. Two of those bottles full of liquid placed into one of those compartments will get me through most of the day. And the other side compartment could then allow you to add other large miscellaneous items like fruit, paper towels, and silverware, without having to cram everything into the separate plastic containers.
Insulated. The bag is entirely lined with insulation to help maintain temperature while you are without refrigeration on the road.
Other great features include s freezable gel packs, a shoulder strap; and the snap lid container option which are BPA/ PVC free (this options was an additional fee when I purchased my own bag).

There aren’t many, but there are few, at least with the bag that I own as follows:
The top hand hold is connected to the supplement zipper compartment, which means that if I hold the bags full weight using that strap, then I am putting the entire weight of the bag on that zipper connection, and I am not sure how long it would hold up carrying the bag like that, especially if the bag is really loaded up heavy?
The supplement container is not large enough and the small compartment walls do not allow for modifications to the dimensions, deepening on what I want to put in this area. For example, I would like to see a much deeper compartment here that allows me carry around small bottles and sealed packages of supplements that I use daily but the compartment. This would save me time in an already time consuming food preparation process, as opposed to wasting time putting lots of small things in lots of small baggies.
Again on the supplement container, because the space is so limited here, I could see how some people might resort to putting opened supplements in this area, meaning that they would have to use their bare and possibly dirty hands to pull supplements out of the bag, and I don’t like that.
The snap Lid container options are made out of plastic and I don’t feel comfortable putting them in a microwave to heat up the food if I have that option. I wish that Six Pack Fitness sold an option to purchase glass containers with plastic lids, but you can certainly look around and purchase that option from another source if you need to.


This particular model retails for around $ 110.00 at the time of this writing, and if you are serious about controlling your nutrition on the road then you should seriously look in to these bags. Go to

John Teng

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