John Teng and Stacey McKenzie compete at the California Open Dancesport Championships

By John Teng

Middle age should mark a phase of your life that you stick your neck out and do something new for yourself that breathes some excitement into a daily life focused on the lives of so many other people besides you.

As my “Dancing with the South Bay Stars IV” charity ballroom competition was approaching, my dance partner and I were told about another dance competition that was going to be held about a week afterwads, called the “California Open Dancesport Championships” in Costa Mesa, California Stacey and I thought it would be another great opportunity to get out on the dance floor again and compete with the dance routine that we had trained so hard to prepare for. The first photo above shows the dance judges marking our dance routine. This provided us both with wonderful feedback because not only did they give us their hand written scores, but they also added comments about what they liked and what we could improve on for the future.


Here is the link to our official dance scores that evening.

And here is our first place medal!


I didn’t start dancing until I was middle age and I didn’t start winning until I was middle age either. I hope my readers feel inspired to learn a new skill and take on an ambitious goal to keep learning and growing and experiencing the excitant of life during this best phase of our lives!

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