Mindfulness and Meditation

By John Teng

Mindfulness and meditation can be effective ways to cope with the stressors of midlife. Mindfulness is being aware or conscious of a certain moment in time. Meditation is clearing the mind of thoughts, and focusing on only one, to creative a relaxed state. Together, you’re clearing your mind so that you can better tackle the ups and downs of middle aged life. Middle aged people may often need the most help in managing the chaotic thoughts that float through their mind. Never has life been so busy!

Recently, there’s been a great craze for adult coloring books. Often they’re marketed as a means to mindfulness. When people color within the lines, they must use their minds to focus on the task at hand. The color of the pens or crayons can also have a soothing impact on the mind. And there is great joy in completing and sharing a project.

Achieving mindfulness is as simple as staying in the moment, such as when you need to do a crafty task. Any sort of hobby will also have the same result. You’re teaching your brain to turn off that negative chatter, to stay in the moment.

People today have a lot more going on than people in the 20th century. Now that there are computers and smart phones, it seems like everyone is expected to know EVERYTHING. And if you don’t, you get ridiculed for it. Besides tech, everyone has busy schedules. People want to do it all, and they want it all done within the 24 hours of each day.

Meditation is done for a variety of reasons. It can help with mental and physical health, as the two are intricately tied together. Medication may be used to slow down the brain, and to stop those random thoughts that hit us at 200 times per hour.

Meditation may be used to solve a problem. Clearing the mind and focusing on thoughts and contemplation may allow you to see new solutions to an old problem.

It’s also a great way to focus on the positive in your life. Your reflection on your past life’s events will help to bring clarity to the middle aged person who may believe that they have accomplished nothing in life. Reverie may help them to remember a long gone family member. It’s during the quiet moments that the departed should be honored.

Many people may also use meditation as a spiritual or religious part of their lives. There are so many different methods to meditation. For every middle aged person, they may wish to try three different techniques. If one doesn’t work, the next one may.

Mindfulness and meditation is important during midlife. At no other time is your brain going to be churning away so quickly. Work, family, recreation, technology, hobbies… there’s a lot to take in during the day. Learn how to better control your thoughts, and your mind will be able to focus on the good, solve problems, or whatever else your midlife goals may be.

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