NuFace Mini Refreshes Skin

By Francine Brokaw

We can spend hours at the gym, eat right, and have a great life, but there’s no guarantee our face won’t show our age. And with all the facelifts in Hollywood these days, no one looks his or her rightful age. We’re reminded that every time we turn on our televisions. With the right surgeon, actors look better as they age, however we have also seen some that look “over done” when it comes to plastic surgery.

Going under the knife isn’t always an option due to costs, medical problems, or simply desire. Yet we all want to look good. NuFace Mini is a device that tones facial muscles giving users a tighter looking face without surgery.

No, the device won’t take the place of a facelift. But if you want to freshen up your face and give your skin a younger appearance, this device is definitely something to think about. When the company sent me the NuFace Mini to use, I was skeptical but after using it for only a week I did see firmer looking skin. And, what’s even better, others commented on my skin.

The NuFace Mini comes with a primer gel that needs to be applied to the face before using the device. Then, with a gliding motion start at the jawline and with light to medium pressure just glide the device to the ear. The instructions are easy to follow. After the jaw/cheek area is done, the next step is the forehead. You might see a noticeable rise in your eyebrows.

Touted as a “five minute facelift,” the NuFace Mini doesn’t take the place of an actual face-lift. However, if you don’t need or want a full face-lift, this little device will make you look a little younger and refreshed. I call it my face refresher.

According to the company the microcurrent technology that is used in this device began as a medical treatment for atrophied facial muscles. It’s amazing how technology is affecting all our lives in ways we never thought before. The NuFace Mini has made my face look tighter and smoother. And yes, it was a surprise to me because I wasn’t sure this little device would do anything.

The NuFace has been approved by the FDA for use on the face. Firmer and toned muscles are something we all want. By toning and tightening the facial muscles, skin looks firmer and refreshed. And when that happens, we feel better about ourselves.

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