That Affair Is Going To Cost You: The Financial Implications of A Mid-Life Affair

It seemed like fun at first. It was that gorgeous young secretary, the neighbor you could talk to, or the divorcee at the local bar. You started talking, exchanged numbers, and the next thing you know… you had started an affair. Now here you are, stuck between your girlfriend and your wife. Not only could this devastate your marriage and dissolve your family, but it can also cost you big time. Affairs are NOT cheap. In fact, many men pay for their unfaithfulness with their hard earned cash and more. So, before you start talking to that beautiful blonde or entering a flirtationship with the woman in the cubical next to you; think about the financial implications of starting a mid-life affair.

Who Is The Woman?

Many men going through a mid-life crisis often have affairs with women much younger than them or women who are also married. They do this because they are unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their marriage. Many see another woman as a source of both fun and excitement; something they do not think their partner can give them anymore. However, the financial implications of dating a younger woman can be severe. Younger women can often get money out of those they have had an affair with by saying they were coerced into the relationship. This often happens when the man breaks it off with their mistress to go back to their wife or breaks up with both women. This becomes even more of an issue if the younger woman works for the older man’s company. For example, a secretary having an affair with a man in the office would be able to get money by saying she was coerced into a relationship; especially if it was sexual. Although this does not always happen, the men it happens to can be out thousands of dollars for manipulating a woman younger than them, especially if they are in a position of power.

Gifts and Luxury Items

Many older men keep their young girlfriends and mistresses a secret through large purchases. Some women receive handbags and clothing while others get housing allowances and cars. Any way you slice it, this is extremely expensive and time consuming. You are paying for this affair not just in gifts and luxuries but with your stress.

Paying the Piper

So, you have had an affair and your wife has left you. She has taken your kids, left the house, and filed for divorce. Because of this she has hired a lawyer to sue you for emotional damage, take the house, and have custody of your children. The only way you are going to keep any of this is to hire your own lawyer and fight back. Many times, however, this will not always help you. According to the Huffington Post nearly 95% of divorces caused by a man’s infidelity end up with the man paying a significant amount of money to their ex-wives. If your affair ends in divorce you can be on the hook for child support and you can have to give up your house, car, or countless other possessions to your ex or sell them to pay out damages. The courts have never been easy on those whose marriages end from infidelity.


There are some men who go a little further in order to have an affair. While some men will conduct their affair in their own home, some will actually rent out an apartment or condo for them and their girlfriends or mistresses. This can be pricy and difficult o hide form your wife. In this situation you are paying an extreme amount of money to keep the affair going and you have the added stress of hiding it.

Many men simply do not realize that an affair can cost them much more than just their pride. It can cost them their family and a lot of their hard earned cash. A mid-life affair may seem new and exciting, but it can cost you much more than it is worth. So, before you lean over that cubicle, buy a drink for that pretty woman, or give your number to the neighbor; be sure you understand all of the risks that a mid-life affair poses to you financially and otherwise.

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