The Midlife Butterfly

logo3"The evolution of every magnificent butterfly requires the lowly caterpillar to undertake a total transformation in order for it to continue progressing any further along its life cycle.” -John Joseph Teng

The Midlife Butterfly. Hi I’m John Teng, Founder of Midlife Magazine. I incorporated the symbol of a powerful butterfly into the company’s logo to represent the important transformation men and women make during the midlife phase of their lives.

Crawling on the ground or a tree branch, a caterpillar goes about it’s life taking and consuming, with very little awareness of it’s larger surroundings.

The idea of change is a hard one for us humans to accept, but for the caterpillar, it’s life cycle demands a total transformation for it to continue progressing through life, so eventually it reaches a stage in its development referred to as the “Chrysalis.”

I wonder if it is just a coincidence that the sounding of the word “crisis” can also be created using most of the letters from the word “chrysalis” (c-h-r-y-s-i-s) It’s my personal belief that some of the feelings referred to as a crisis,experienced by so many men and women during their midlife years, are nothing more than our own form of “growing pains” required to make it to the next and more enlightened phase of our own life cycles.

Like the wings of the Midlife butterfly, our own life experiences at this phase gives us the ability to appreciate life from a higher and broader level of understanding than we ever had before.

The Midlife Butterfly is also weathered and imperfect, which conveys the bitter lessons learned, and the battles won in order to get to this midlife phase of life; which wasn’t possible without great effort and personal sacrifice.

And the sharp, sheetmetal-like edges on the wings represent the power and authority that middle age men and women have gained through the years of experience they have accumulated in their chosen fields of expertise. This butterfly is no pushover, and is to be taken seriously.

Know that your “crisis” is part of your own “chrysalis” transformation to the very best phase of your life! Welcome to Midlife Magazine!


John J. Teng, P.E.
Midlife Magazine LLC
Founder and Editor & Chief

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