The Value of a AAA Plus Membership

Last year I was driving our family minivan towards Malibu to attend a birthday party for one of my children’s classmates. We rushed out the door and got about 15 miles from our destination when I realize that the fuel light was on and we were driving on fumes! I tried to pull over but we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic along the beach. I didn’t know how long the fuel light had been on by the time I noticed it so I was worried that the car could stall out on us right in the middle of the traffic jam which would have ruined our trip and that of thousands of other people trying to get to the beach!

What made things worse was I had my entire family in the car which included my wife and 4 small children, the smallest child being about 6 months old. And all this was happening in the high heat of a July afternoon. I couldn’t believe that I had put my family in this dangerous situation; it was such a stupid mistake on my part.

But fortunately I was prepared…I had AAA Plus! This is an upgraded plan from the standard version of their service that I typically pay for annually, but I had recently decided to make the upgrade because the towing distance is increased and they provide gas if I RUN OUT OF GAS!!! The hardest part about making the phone call for help to AAA was the hour long waiting time which had a lot to do with all of the beach traffic jam that the driver had to get through to reach us.


Once the driver finally arrived he had gas on hand and within 10 minutes we were back on the road and we made it to the birthday party right as most of the people were leaving. Here’ what you get with a AAA Plus annual membership:

4 service calls per year

A tow of 100 miles

Jump start your car

Help to unlock your car doors if your keys are inside.

$100 towards paying for a locksmith to open a locked car door

An emergency supply of gas

Think of you AA Plus Membership like paying for an insurance policy. It’s one the very best investments that I make every year!

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