Unwinding in Costa Rica

People over 40 have established themselves in their careers and work harder than their parents ever did. Often a relaxing vacation is what’s needed to unwind and relax after a particularly stressful project. Many people aged 40 to 65 have discovered that not only does Costa Rica offer some great vacation options, but travelers often decide to move there permanently.

There are many reasons why Costa Rica may be the best choice for the middle aged. Costa Rica is a safe and stable country to visit, and has some of the top hospitals in the world today. The government runs a national healthcare system but there are also private hospitals. You can purchase affordable health insurance but many hospitals and clinics also accept American insurance policies.

There are two climates in Costa Rica: rainy and hot. Naturally most tourists visit during the hot season but if you’re from the northwest you may already be used to the rain anyway.

Life in Costa Rica may take some adjustment to the westerner who is expecting a rapid pace. You can expect to line up for banks and any type of government services. Even being served a meal may take time. Life is at a slower pace and it’s important to remember to enjoy it.

Many hotels, rental apartments, and condos in Costa Rica have pools, where people can relax and sip tropical drinks. After a few days you’ll find your energy picking up and you’ll be ready for adventure. There is plenty to do in Costa Rica. You can enjoy every level of activity, from taking leisurely walks through one of several National Parks, such as the Manuel Antonio Park, or enjoy fitness activities at the local gym.

On your tours of the parks you’ll see a wide array of plant life and vegetation, as well as insects and animal life. While there are some poisonous animals in Costa Rica it’s not often that they’ll cause more than discomfort if you should touch them—they’re more frightened of you than you are of them. Those TV shows about deadly scorpion stings are just that, fantasy.

The people of Costa Rica are a vibrant and interesting race. You’ll find that they’re eager to help and offer information. In fact, if you ever get stuck, there will be friends waiting to help you out with something. They can also help with Spanish translation if yours is a bit rusty. Many people here speak English, as this is a popular tourist destination. Costa Rica is a Christian country and you’ll find many churches hold English services.

Like with many countries, you can expect to see a wide variety of classes here. There may be poorer people than you expect to see in the USA, and there may be extremely rich people. Everyone coexists together and is made to feel welcome.

The traveler will find plenty to interest them in Costa Rica. It may be hard to get in the taxi to head back home again, that’s why many choose to stay.

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