Use Your Imagination to Live a Better Life!

By John Teng

Your imagination forms when you are a young child and is active through your lifetime. Your imagination is how you space out and imagine different scenarios. Your imagination contributes to your dreams, and helps you create stories within your mind. Did you know that this amazing tool that you are given at birth is actually a key to helping you live a long and full life? It is true! And here are four reasons how:

  1. Stimulates Your Brain

What is imagination? No it is not just what gets little kids to believe in imaginary friends or causes a teenage girl to doze off in class thinking about her favorite band member. Imagination is much greater than that and spans through your entire life. It is the act of manipulating facts and images that you already know, to then help create unique and sometimes unusual stories.! Why we have an imagination is not quite known yet, but researchers work every day to try and figure it out. What is important to remember is that using your imagination is like a workout for your brain, and the more you use it, the happier and healthier that part of your brain will be. Daydream to stimulate your brain and build power!

  1. Makes You Happier

How often you use your imagination and what you imagine can actually effect your perception of life. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute who focus of finding out more about the biology of the human body, took their research to another level when they looked into the imagination. Their findings showed that subjects who used their imagination frequently and created ideal scenarios in their minds actually imposed those scenarios into their real lives. They used what happened in their imagination to alter what happened in their life. If they could not actually alter situations in their life, they used the “good feelings” from those images to promote happiness in their lives. Like many facts surrounding imagination and functions of the brain, it is unknown why this is true, but time and time again research shows it to be true.

  1. Can help Enhance Your Memory

As you get older, your memory begins to fade and that can take a toll on your mental health. When your mental health begins to degrade, so does you physical health; which leads to medical complications and a possible early death. The more you work your memory, the better chance you have of maintaining your mental health. So use it if you don’t want to lose it!

  1. Promotes Self-Discovery

Self-discovery is prominent through each phase of life. Each phase of your life is often accompanied by wonderings about who you are or what you should be doing at that point in your life. This is completely normal. However, getting lost in these questions is a problem and can lead to a lot of emotional and mental damage; which is not helpful to those wanting to live a long and full life. Imagining and daydreaming allows you to think about what your life could be depending on the path that you take. Everyone needs to go through the journey of self-discovery as those who do seem to live healthier lives that are full of happiness and content feelings.

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